Have you ever looked around and noticed that houses and interior designs are typically brown, beige, white, black and neutral colors? Neutrals are the current trend, especially in larger purchases like a sofa or carpets. For the large ticket items, we'll make the safer choice such as neutrals, from a black to beige and for some people, decorating with neutral shades of beige can feel safe. 

Why not add some color to your life? A few pops of color will make all the difference in a neutral room. Adding a splash of color can bring warmth and happiness to any space. You don’t have to go crazy, but imagine a room with all neutral colors, then imagine that same room with a beautiful stained glass sun catcher hanging in the window and radiant splashes of color on your wall when the sunlight hits it just right.  Having a dinner party? Add a pop of color to your glassware. Having some unique and individual shabby chic Glassware could also add the splash of color and add a conversational piece. 

I grew up in a very artistic family and color was nothing new to me. My father was in the Air Force so we moved every couple of years. Living in military housing we couldn’t paint the walls or add our own touches to the homes we lived in.  My mother added pops of color all over the house to make it her own unique living space.  

Gift giving can be an art all on its own. Are you looking for a unique gift for someone on your list? A beautifully painted wine glass filled with small stocking stuffers would make a unique and personalized gift for anyone, or maybe a set of wine glasses for the newlyweds or loved one just starting out in life. A beautiful Tiffany style suncatcher would make a memorable gift that can be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. 

Memorable gifts are the most sought after gifts for adults in 2016.